Location Element
Shrine of Shirley Darkness
US 100
JAP 120
17 US 15
Attack Defense Counter
17 80 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
18 160 70
Item dropped
Dark Mist (8%)

Gargoyle is a monster of the Darkness element, with high Magic Defense, which can be located within the Shrine of Shirley.


Gargoyle is large structured and has large claws. It has a muscular body with aqua green skin with a white web like pattern across it, or white skin with aqua green blotches on it, depending on how you look at it. This creature has a short tail with a spike on the end and six stubby legs. Finally, it has two grand wings from which can lift its body while casting Dark Mist; unlike most creatures, they aren't for show.


Main article: Battle

Because Lavitz has low magic defense, he will most likely take over 100 damage from their spell Dark Mist. This can be a bad thing if you fight two gargoyles or even if other opponents are present, especially if they begin to spam it which they will when their health reaches critical.

They have normal physical damage that really isn't anything special or worth worrying about. They have decent health so it may take a few hits, although luckily their defense and speed are low meaning you will probably kill them before they can hit you. They can be very annoying if you are say underleveled or spammed by spells.

  • Multiple Claws - It flies towards a single target and slashes that person with its claws.
  • Dark Mist - Darkness element spell item that deals medium damage to a single target.

Depending on where it is you go within this shrine, nearly each and every battle shall contain one or more gargoyles with but few exceptions.

Encounter rate: Very common

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations in which you will encounter a Gargoyle:


Gargoyle can drop the spell item Dark mist with only a 10% chance. It is a fairly good spell item to have around. Obtaining it via farming these can be tedious and in honesty isn't worth it at the pace of which you will get them, it simply takes too long. It would, however, come in very useful by the end of the shrine in the battle against Drake the bandit since he is wind element, so it would do superior damage. - again this is incorrect