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Wingly Forest 1

The Forest of Winglies is found in Mille Seseau during the third disc of the game, when Dart and his friends are searching for the Dragon Block Staff.

Many Winglies that survived the humans purges either fled to this place, or have since come here. They have built a self-sufficient society here, living a peaceful but uneasy existence apart from humans. This is Meru's hometown. The technology that is the Wingly birthright can transport them to Kadessa from here.

There are several stories of "Faeries" in the northern part of the Evergreen Forest found throughout Mille Seseau. These Faeries are, in fact, the Winglies.


Chapter 3: Fate and SoulEdit

Meru reveals that she is a Wingly herself, and opens up the portal into the forest. The group walk through the Wingly community without resistance, until one of the Bardel brothers confronts them, hurling a powerful orb of fire. Dart transforms into the Red-Eyed Dragoon and blocks the flaming missile; the Bardel brother, overcome by the sight of what he thought was powerful magic resisted so easily, falls to his knees.

The Ancestor Wingly brings them as close as he can to the Dragon Block Staff; they teleport to a Wingly complex of ramps and Ziggurats, and there the Ancestor opens a twisting tunnel of shifting metallic rings that leapfrog their way across the sky, carrying the group all the way to the Royal Capital Kadessa, also known to the Winglies as the "Forbidden Land". This ancient Wingly Capitol had been the scene of the Dragoons' fight against Melbu Frahma during the Dragon Campaign, and shows both the ruination of the war and the grand architecture of the civilization that preceded it.


Weapons Price
War Hammer 300
Magical Ring 600
Spiritual Ring 600
Spirit Cloak 300

Items Price
Healing Fog 30
Sun Rhapsody 50
Healing Breeze 50
Angel's Prayer 30
Mind Purifier 20
Body Purifier 10
Dark Mist 10
Black Rain 20


Found at the top right corner in Guarha's room. Forest of Winglies stardust 1
In a pillar on the right below the healing room. Forest of Winglies stardust 2
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