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Forest is the first location visited after Seles. It is the first place the player meets monsters at and the first place to have a maze in it. As occasionally happens, it is an outdoor area with monster battles, but has an NPC merchant selling items in it.

Many creatures in the Forest have the extremely high Magic Defense stat of 120, much higher than other creatures on Disc One or even Two. Presumably this is to guard against massive overkill, should players go back to areas at the very start of the game to see how much damage they can deal.

Previous area : Seles
Next area : Hellena Prison


Chapter 1:The Serdian War[]

A Friend in Hellena[]

Dart remembers protecting Shana.

Dart must travel through the Forest in order to get to Hellena Prison which is on the west side of the forest. Half-way through, Dart runs into a dog that reminds him of when he protected Shana from a dog like creature that attacked her in the forest when they were children.


Name Element HP US HP JAP XP Gold US Gold JAP Drops
Berserk Mouse Dark 2 4 3 3 1 Healing Potion 10%
Assassin Cock Wind 3 4 5 6 2 Healing Potion 10%
Trent Earth 5 6 4 9 3 Pellet 10%
Goblin Fire 4 5 4 6 2 Detonate Rock 10%


Treasure Description Image
Healing Potion By the entrance from Seles
Healing Potion Chest Forest.png
Charm Potion Next Area across first bridge
Charm Potion Chest Forest.png
20G In the south-east side of the Maze
20 Gold Chest Forest.png
Burn Out In the west side of the Maze
Burn Out Chest Forest.png


"Multiple exposure" of Darts, and the Merchant far left. The blue triangle marker turns red to show the distance remaining before a battle, and in battle to show decreasing health. There are green and yellow ones, too, indicating exits. L1 or R1 to toggle

There is a Merchant to the left at the first visit in the forest. In a slightly different way than Master Tasman gave his tutorial, he can teach the player about using items in battle. This technique of presenting dialogue is sprinkled through the game and a little heavier at the start.

He claims that Elemental items do double damage against targets of the opposing element.

The Healing Items and Attack Items listed in the table are available in the shop. (Multi) Attack Items can be boosted in damage by repeatedly pressing the action button.

Name Price Effect
Healing Potion 10G Heals 50% of target's max HP
Body Purifier 10G Removes Poison, Stun, and Arm Blocking
Burn Out 10G Fire Elemental damage on single target (Multi)
Charm Potion 4G From Menu: Resets distance travelled
to next enemy encounter to zero

In Battle: Avoids enemy attacks for 3 turns