Flamberge is a rapier which only Rose can use. It is an exclusive buy from the peddler, Segundo in Kashua Glacier for only 350 gold. The Flamberge is arguably the second best defensive weapon for Rose, where the Gladius has the second best Attack. Due to its infliction of Stun upon hit, this blade can be quite devastating, completely changing the tide of battle, even. Inflicting Stun upon hit would be of great use in locations such as the Forbidden Lands. Later on, in Zenebatos, for example, Instant Kill upon hit is greater..unless it fails completely due to monsters being immune to it. It is entirely your preference, and even if you preferred that status on hit you would not be able to retrieve the Gladius until as early as Death Frontier. In other words Flamberge is the most powerful weapon Rose can wield during the third disc and depending on the enemy resistances, most of the fourth disc as well. 


Stun is arguably one of the better effects that can be caused by a weapon. One of the greater advantages of Stun is its ability to change the pace of the battle. As an example, if at Zenebatos and facing a Professor and a Guillotine the Professor can be stunned stopping any status ailments he might cause. While it is stunned the party can take care of the Guillotine.

Anytime you want to spend more time on a particular character's Additions or Spirit Points for Dragoon Levels, but would prefer to disable the enemy and do a little damage than Guard and do none, Flamberge can make that happen (assuming the enemy is not immune to Stun). If Rose is the character you want to level, switch between enemy targets.


Description Location
Flamberg can only be bought from the peddler Segundo in Kashua Glacier.
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