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Fester (フェスター, Fesutā, "Phester"[1]) serves as governor to King Zior in the city of Fletz, as well as the private tutor of princesses Emille and Lisa. He is an astronomer and, in a land where astrology works like magic, an astrologer too. He has worked extensively trying to unravel the mystery of the Moon That Never Sets and its connection with the Black Monster.

Learned and generous, Fester shares his knowledge, his telescope, and a recommendation of the party to the King and Princess which allows them to enter the Twin Castle. He may not be the most perceptive person, though: like the Princess' maid Libria, he is oblivious to his interruption of Dart and Shana on the bridge between the towers, and even tells Dart, whose hopes for a kiss are dashed over and over, to "get rid of your sour face".

"Stars travel the sky by catching the winds of time. But, this moon is not affected by time. It never moves, day or night...A poem of war, telling the fate given by the Moon."

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