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Emperor Diaz was the leader of the Humans during the Dragon Campaign over 11,000 years ago. He was also briefly believed by Dart and company to be Lloyd's mentor despite Rose's cryptic remark that Diaz had died as a human hero.

The enslaved suffered a terrible domination and injustice. Their anger turned to a flame of fury; then, a gust of wind blew throughout the lands, spreading the flame to a blazing fire. The wind was Emperor Diaz. Seven incarnations Dragons served the emperor. Their bravery inspired people to take up arms. Thus began the Dragon Campaign.

-Minister Noish

Rose's memories in Fort Magrad, of 11,000 years ago:

"Diaz: 'What we desire is freedom!! Or give us death!!'
"Liberation Army of Humans: "God bless Diaz!! God bless Gloriano!!"
"Diaz: 'I am to bring light to the Humans' future! I am to pass judgment on the past of the Winglies! I am Diaz!!'
""Liberation Army of Humans: "God Bless Diaz!! God Bless Gloriano!!"

Spoiler Warning Edit

He was killed during that time, but was thought to have lived because Zieg Feld, 'awoken' from the curse Melbu Frahma had placed on him only to have his body possessed by Frahma, posed as him during the events of the game.

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