A Sony screenshot, with promotional logos, of the roots of the Divine Tree erupting outward

The Divine Tree is both, a legendary progenitor of life in the culture of Endiness, and a Location the Dragoon party travels to late in the game.

The Divine Tree is the myth commonly accepted as the story of creation in the continent of Endiness. Planted by The Creator Soa on the barren earth, it is believed to be the origin of all life. When its 108 fruit ripened and fell to the ground, each gave rise to a species. Though it has never been seen, it is depicted as a large tree with rooted branches. Bringing life to earth is part of Soa's plan and so it is believed that everything, including the end of the world by the hands of the God of Destruction, is predetermined by the fate created by Soa.


A fruit of the Divine Tree

The named, intelligent species of the 108 forms of life on earth, which can have several subspecies, are:

Location Edit


Insect boss Imago

The Divine Tree location is found late in the game; many of the subplots and mysteries of the game are resolved here, in the magical dreams and fated dramas orchestrated by the Tree's Genius Locii. Once you reach the tree, it is impossible to leave.

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Regular encounterableEdit

Name Element HP US HP JAP XP Gold US Gold JAP Drops
Cute Cat Thunder 704 800 162 51 17 Dancer's Shoes (2%)
Manticore Earth 960 1,200 216 60 20 Depetrifier (8%)
Mountain Ape Earth 1,000 1,800 198 42 14 Angel's Prayer (10%)
Slug Earth 1,200 1,500 180 33 11 Mind Purifier (10%)
Potbelly Earth 560 700 144 24 8 Healing Breeze (8%)

Boss encounterableEdit

Name Element HP US HP JAP XP Gold US Gold JAP Drops
Caterpillar No-element 10,400 13,000 N/A N/A N/A Moon Serenade (100%)
Pupa No-element 3,200 4,000 N/A N/A N/A Sun Rhapsody (100%)
Imago No-element 16,000 20,000 13,000 300 300 Healing Rain (100%)


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