Detonate Arrow is the most powerful weapon for Miranda and is found in a treasure chest after the battle with the Super Virage on the Moon. It is the only weapon that cannot be bought for Shana or Miranda. The weapon's effect is the same as a Detonate Rock, therefore hitting all enemies.


As Detonate Arrow is found just before confronting the Virage Embryo, its use seem to be limited unless back-tracking. However the weapon, if equipped on a properly leveled Miranda, is of great help during the final battle with Melbu Frahma. During his first, third, and fourth form, he summons or has at his side smaller minions, Tentacle, Bomb Star, and Monster, respectively, that are more easily taken care of when Miranda attacks using Detonate Arrow. The main draw back of Detonate Arrow is the reduced damage due to the attack spread. Another drawback is the lengthy animation of each attack.


Description Location
In a chest on the Moon, after the battle with the Super Virage. The chest is located on the next screen. Moon Chest 10
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