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Deningrad, Birth City of The Wingly Circle and human capital of Mille Seseau

Deningrad (デニングラード, Denningurādo) is the capital of Mille Seseau and the home of the Crystal Palace that contains one of the immensely powerful binding seals over the God of Destruction, the Signet Spheres. Long ago, while under control of the Winglies, it was also known as the "Birth City". Theresa, queen of Mille Seseau, has her throne in the remains of the Wingly city known as the Crystal Palace, about which the human city of Denningrad has been built. A great Library is here, where Dart gained knowledge on Dragons, Winglies, Dragoons, and the Black Monster. Librarian Ute directed Dart to seek out Sister Luanna, the only other survivor of Neet.

The Wingly city here was known as the "Birth City". It was there that Wingly babies were selected to be born if their magic was strong while those with weak magic power were not allowed to be born.

Crystal PalaceEdit

The party first meets Queen Theresa's adopted daughter Miranda here. It is Miranda's childhood home. It is also the birthplace of Queen Theresa's twin daughters, Princess Louvia and her lost daughter Shana. This last fact is not revealed until Shana is again lost to kidnapping by Zieg/Melbu Frahma in Vellweb.

Crystal Palace II Edit


The Divine Dragon attacking Deningrad.

Denningrad was attacked by the Divine Dragon, with sufficient power to destroy one of the Signet Spheres, that were ordinarily only breakable by the Divine Moon Objects.


Cut scene, Bishop Dillie

Mille Seseau National Library Edit

Cut scene, Librarian Ute



Item Shop
Healing Potion 30
Healing Breeze 50
Sun Rhapsody 50
Angel's Prayer 30
Depetrifier 30
Mind Purifier 20
Body Purifier 10
Spark Net 10
Thunderbolt 20
Charm Potion 4

Remember that although Deningrad and Segundo's shop with the Battle Axe are only one road apart, the storyline requires two battlefields (the Forbidden Land and Mountain of Mortal Dragon) to be traversed first.

Weapon Shop
Tomahawk 300
Spear of Terror 300
Diamond Claw 300
Breast Plate 250
Master's Vest 250
Soul Headband 200
Jeweled Crown 200
Stardust Boots 150
Protector 200
Bravery Amulet 300
Destone Amulet 400
Armor of Legend 10000


Unlike in other locations, stardusts are only accessible after the Divine Dragon's attack on the Crystal Palace.

Near the device on second floor of the inn. Deningrad stardust 3
Search the piles near the weapon/item shop. Deningrad stardust 1
Found next to the previous pile. Deningrad stardust 2
Found at the path to the left of the Sacred Sister Wink Deningrad stardust 4
Search the rubble near the Sacred Sister Luanna. Deningrad stardust 5
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