Dancing Dagger
Price 300 G
Attack 30
Effect None
Buy Furni
Chest Phantom Ship
User Rose

Dancing Dagger is a rapier  which only Rose can use. This weapon can be located as Treasure from a chest in reward for killing the boss of the Phantom Ship and bought exclusively at Furni for 300 gold. It is a very powerful weapon even though it lacks an elemental bonus and status ailment upon hit. If found during the second disc, it can be very beneficial for boss fights or in general with its increased damage. If bought on the third disc, all in all it will prove to be more useful than the Shadow Cutter for very similar reasons. The elemental composition of enemies in disc 2 fails to fully utilise the darkness elemental bonus of Shadow Cutter; there is a lack of light element creatures.

You may however cease to use this weapon a quarter of the way into the third disc when you can purchase the Flamberge, considering how much more superior its damage is coupled with its added status ailment.


Description Location
Dancing Dagger is found in the nursery of the Phantom Ship.
Dancing Dagger found in nursery of Phantom Ship
Dancing Dagger can also be bought at the Weapon shop in Furni.
Furni Weapon Shop

The man at the bottom-left corner has a Weapon Shop on the canal, only accessible with a boat