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Deningrad with the Crystal Palace in the background, before it is attacked.

Deningrad is the human Capitol of Mille Seseau, Seat of Queen Theresa, queen of Mille Seseau.

The remains of a Wingly city in Mille Seseau, about which the human city of Deningrad has been built.

Wingly babies in the Wingly city were here selected to be born; those with weak magic power were not allowed to be born.



The Divine Dragon attacking Deningrad

The party first meets Miranda here. It is Miranda's birthplace and home, and also, although she does not know it, the birthplace of Shana, who is the twin of Princess Louvia, and Queen Theresa's other daughter.

The Crystal Palace in particular and Deningrad in general were laid to much waste by the Divine Dragon. The dragon's attack is sufficiently violent enough to destroy one of the Signet Spheres, that were so strong that only the Divine Moon Objects had enough magical energy to break them.


Note: They can be found after the final destruction by the Divine Dragon.
Near the device on second floor of the inn. Deningrad stardust 3
Search the piles near the weapon/item shop. Deningrad stardust 1
Found next to the previous pile. Deningrad stardust 2
Found at the path to the left of the Sacred Sister Wink. Deningrad stardust 4
Search the rubble near the Sacred Sister Luanna. Deningrad stardust 5


Note: It can be found on the road to Evergreen Forest.
Name Element HP XP Gold
Red Bird none 5 none 1000
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