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Canbria Dayfly is the only wind-element based monster which may be located within the Death Frontier. It is the strongest monster, as well the only which is not of the earth element residing in this location.


This monster resembles that of a colossal day fly, hence the name. It is a massive insect being larger than two individuals laying beside one another. Its abdomen contains a red dotted pattern along the left and right sides respectively, and its skin is of a dark grey shade. Supporting its hulking husk are two pairs of wings fluttering out from its thorax, and a third pair shares the lower abdomen with a very large stinger. The snout of this insect is very long and curls near the end. As most enemies encountered throughout the game, it has red eyes.


Canbria Dayfly is the most powerful opponent here, not due to its health or damage, rather it has a decently potent attack-all spell from which may tilt the balance more towards their side, couple that with their persistence derived from their defence and you have a nuisance. Consider these to if anything make the upcoming battles miserable by lowering your parties overall health. The fact that they are very adept with dodging your attacks makes all the more opportunities for them to do the aforementioned.

  • Bug bite - Flies towards a single target and smacks them with its snout, dealing medium physical damage.
  • Spinning Gale - An adept Wind-element based spell item upon a single target.

Immune to poison. Also, it may evade attacks with a given probability.

Encounter rate: Very common

Battle pairing / formation[]

All battle formations in which you will encounter a Canbria Dayfly:

  • Canbria Dayfly
  • Canbria Dayfly + Scorpion


Upon defeat, this monster may drop the effect item Body Purifier with a rare probability of 8%. This may be particularly useful here as there exists battles from where you could become inflicted with poison. It is good to carry some around with you for the remainder of the storyline events as well, considering the majority of battles hereon will be capable of inflicting a whole assortment of Status Ailments. It can be purchased for 20 gold in all shops. The average quantity of time required to obtain this item is roughly 5 minute, and varies per person and their luck.