Bastard Sword
Price 60
Attack 7
Effect None
Buy Bale
Chest Limestone Cave
Hellena Prison (second visit)
Drop Mr Bone (2%)
User Dart

The Bastard Sword is a sword which is reserved solely for Dart. It can be located inside a treasure chest within the Limestone Cave.

It is capable of doing double the damage of its predecessor, the Broad Sword. It is found in a second chest within Hellena Prison, but only upon your second arrival there. You can also purchase this weapon in the equipment shop located within the city of Bale for 60 Gold each, and even defeat the monster Mr Bone found within Snowfield on the third disc to obtain this.

It is very powerful against Urobolus and other monsters in the Limestone Cave. Unless you rely on spell items, this sword would make a very noticeable difference. Even when you arrive in Bale, if you do not yet have this weapon, it is highly recommended to purchase it for the next locations you will enter.


Description Location
Limestone Cave chest
Bastard Sword Chest Limestone Cave
Equipment shop in Bale
Bastard Sword in Equipment Shop Bale
Hellena Prison chest
Dropped from Mr Bone
Mr Bone