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Powerful armor that blocks Poison, Stun, and Arm Blocking for the wielder. The defense and magic defense is slightly higher than the Saint Armor found in the Kashua Glacier, but will likely be replaced before long.

The chests containing the Armor of Yore and Panic Bell are inaccessible to the player until the Polter Armor boss is defeated.

Polter Armor[]

Main article: Polter Armor

The Polter Spirit that is contained within this set of armor is the malice and rancor of those humans who died during the Dragon Campaign. Polter Armor is a Darkness based enemy composed of three parts. Polter Helm (Command and Magic Block), Polter Armor (Dark and Light magic), and Polter Sword (Damage, and Can't Combat on its next turn after another part is defeated, and immediately when it is itself defeated)