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Addition is the combo system that is used in The Legend of Dragoon. An addition is a series of timed button mashes. Most additions are gained at set character levels, except each person's final addition which is unlocked by mastering all other additions.


Dart and Master Tasman training

Additions are originally explained by Master Tasman in Seles who can give the player the full run-down of how additions work but it will also be explained here.

When the player picks the attack option from the battle menu, two blue squares will pop up, one in the center and the other on the outside edge. When the outside square reaches the center square the player should press the X button and if timed correctly the center of the square will turn white and the addition will continue and the process will be repeated. If the player misses it, the center of the square will turn one of two colors. It will turn Blue if the player is too slow and will turn Gray if the player is too fast.

During the longer additions there will be a chance for the enemy to counter. When it does the squares will turn red and there will be a sound in the background. Instead of hitting the X button the player must hit the O (circle) button. If timed correctly the addition will continue counter free. But if he/she happens to miss the counter, the party member will be thrown back receiving some damage. Interestingly, with addition system even a character with low level can easily defeats a boss if the additions are well trained and players input the buttons successfully, an advantage in Legend of Dragoon that other RPG games don't have.

Leveling additions and the menu[]

The addition selection screen with some of Albert's additions.

Once an addition has been completed, its use counter will increase, as can be seen on the menu screen. When it has been used and completed enough its stats will level up. For some additions, only one stat or both stats may go up. Once the player have used it at least 80 times the player will have maxed out the addition and may move on to the next addition if he/she wish, but it is not necessary to max it to move on.

There are two accessories that make additions complete (meaning the addition is done without needing to press a button). They are the Wargod Calling and the Ultimate Wargod. The Wargod Calling makes an addition complete but does half damage, gives half SP and does not add to the use counter or increase Addition Level. The Ultimate Wargod is much more expensive, but does full damage, gives full SP and does add to the use counter meaning it is completely successful.

Below is a list of the levels required for obtaining each addition for each character. Full stat information on set additions can be found on each character's main page.

Note: Shana and Miranda are not added as they have no additions. However the amount of SP they obtain from each attack does increase with each Dragoon Level.


Name Add (#) SP (Max) Damage % (Max) Level
Double Slash 1 35 202 Initial
Volcano 3 36 250 2
Burning Rush 2 102 150 8
Crush Dance 4 100 250 15
Madness Hero 5 204 100 22
Moon Strike 6 20 350 29
Blazing Dynamo 7 150 450 Master Addition


Name Add (#) SP (Max) Damage % (Max) Level
Whip Smack 1 35 200 Initial
More and More 2 102 150 14
Hard Blade 5 35 300 19
Demon's Dance 7 100 500 Master Addition

Lavitz & Albert[]

Name Add (#) SP (Max) Damage % (Max) Level
Harpoon 1 50 150 Initial
Spinning Cane 2 35 200 5
Rod Typhoon 4 100 202 7
Gust of Wind Dance 6 35 350 11
Flower Storm 7 202 405 Master Addition


Name Add (#) SP (Max) Damage % (Max) Level
Double Punch 1 50 150 Initial
Flurry of Styx[1] 2 20 202 14
Summon 4 Gods 3 100 100 18
5-Ring Shattering 4 50 300 22
Hex Hammer 5 15 400 26
Omni-Sweep 7 150 501 Master Addition


Name Add (#) SP (Max) Damage % (Max) Level
Double Smack 1 34 150 Initial
Hammer Spin 3 70 202 21
Cool Boogie 4 200 100 26
Cat's Cradle 6 20 351 30
Perky Step 7 100 600 Master Addition


Name Add (#) SP (Max) Damage % (Max) Level
Pursuit 1 50 150 Initial
Inferno 3 20 200 23
Bone Crush 5 100 300 Master Addition

Dragoon Additions[]

Rose about to preform a Dragoon Addition

Main article: Dragoon Addition

Whenever an ally has transformed into a Dragoon, he/she can choose to attack with his/her weapon. Just like ordinary additions, the X button must be pressed at the right time in order to deal as much damage as possible.


  • Enemies cannot counterattack the first or the last move in an addition, making additions with 1-2 moves very good for beginners.
  • During your battle with Kongol at Hoax and Black Castle, if you miss any of your moves during an addition, Kongol will perform a special "counter attack" that will deal damage to the character.
  • Speaking of Kongol, when he fights his brother Indora inside the Moon, Indora will launch a counterattack when Kongol does not complete his Additions.
  • Kongol's Additions are NEVER counterattacked.
  • Meru's Hammer Spin is never counterattacked, despite being 3 moves.
  • "Flurry of Styx" is actually a typo, and the correct name is "Ferry of Styx." The correct name will appear at the end of the combo; However, Haschel will still say the erroneous name. The River Styx, in Greek mythology, was traversed by the souls of the dead on their way to the Underworld on a ferry piloted by the boatman Charon.
    • The original name for the move is Sanzuno Wata, which means "Ferry of the River Sanzu." (lit. Sanzu's Ferry)
  • Haschel's additions are all named after the number of hits. Ferry of Styx is a reference to the three crossings of the Sanzu River.
  • Meru's Final Addition has the highest damage rate of any character in the game, at 600%. She can also gain the most amount of SP of any character in the game. Equipping the Pretty Hammer and Wargod's Sash with her mastered Cool Boogie addition nets 495 SP.
  • Lavitz learns Additions the fastest, as it takes him getting to Level 5 for Spinning Cane, Level 7 for Rod Typhoon, and Level 11 for Gust of Wind Dance. When he joins your party, he starts off at Level 3.
  • It takes Meru the longest amount of time to learn Additions. Many have complained about how long it takes her to reach Level 30, when she learns Cat's Cradle.


  1. Actually a typo of "Ferry of Styx," the original Japanese being "Sanzu River's Ferry."